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NPP needs disciplined, dynamic and visionary Robert Kutin Jnr as National Chairman-Dr Agyenim-Boateng.

NPP needs disciplined, dynamic and visionary Robert Kutin Jnr as National Chairman-Dr Agyenim-Boateng.

Once again, the need has arisen for the NPP to choose a new crop of National Executive to steer the affairs of this great party by the end of next year (2022). The kind of leaders we choose for our party will be a reflection of our sense of judgement on how we want the party to perform in the 2024 election.

The competition over the National Chairmanship position will be challenging but I believe it would not be too big a challenge to NPP kingmakers because the party is full of discerning and well informed people who will rightly determine how the party should chart its course by electing the right leaders.

Our vision as members of NPP remains and together, we can work to uplift the party’s image. We must strive to restore the hope and confidence of Ghanaians.

NPP needs to turn a new page, adapt to a new paradigm shift and embrace a new brand of leadership. The party needs a disciplined, dynamic and a visionary chairman whose love for the party is without question.
A new chairman with a strong commitment to organization and party-building skills is needed.

Leadership is about people. It is about how to lead people to achieve the desired outcomes for a course. According to the Book of Proverbs, the qualities of good leadership are hard work, good listening skills, wise planning and common sense, ability to stand adversity and pressure and openness to new ideas.

The NPP needs someone who has these character traits. The grassroots supporters and other admirers of the party are currently disillusioned due to some avoidable and elementary self-inflicted wounds the party suffered, especially before the last elections.

I have a strong conviction that Robert Kutin Jnr commonly called Chairman Kutin has what it takes to be an efficient, effective and a progressive Chairman to take over from Freddy Blay. Robert Kutin Jnr enjoys considerable grassroots support and several of the people in the party leadership are comfortable with him.
Robert Kutin Jnr is considered as conveniently and positively predictable as a strategist and grafter because of his vast experience in party management and campaign organisation.

Quality leadership is a potent mix of good character and strategy and I strongly believe Robert Kutin Jnr is mix. He is a strategist, a pragmatic situation analyst and a good lobbyist. Kutin Jnr has the character, leadership skills and experience to become National Chairman of NPP.
Robert Kutin Jnr has served the NPP for long and he is one of the few who sacrificed their time, resources and spirit to consolidate, advance and improve on the fortunes of the Danquah- Bussia-Dombo political tradition and the NPP over the years.

As a two times Central regional Chairman and two times winning campaign manager, he is well baked to take up the Chairmanship. He is a team player and therefore creates opportunities for people working under him to learn and grow. He is down to earth and politically astute enough to connect with the average folks.
He is someone who is able to mix well and relate maximally with different shades of people- the youth, women and other vulnerable groups.
He has passion for the promotion of the welfare of the youth. He is accommodating and listens carefully to people even under pressure.

There’s a feeling among the younger generation of NPP that, the party needs to change itself with regards to the way it deals with its youth before it begins thinking about retaining power. The youth are craving new ideas and leadership action and I have the conviction it is Chairman Kutin Jnr who would be able to meet their aspirations.
Robert Kutin Jnr is a unifier and would not drag the party to wallow in the bitterness of divisions and factionalism. If the roots of disunity getting firm in the NPP are not immediately addressed the party could be heading for serious problems in the 2024 elections. To have any chance of winning we must unite our party to hold our own and the best person to do that is Robert Kutin Jnr.

Having served as campaign chairman on 2016 and 2020 elections as well as most of the prominent people in NPP with greater co-operation and understanding, I believe Kutin Jnr will be in the best position to unite the party.
Under a Robert Kutin Jnr chairmanship, I believe NPP foot soldiers, activists and all relevant stakeholders will be dully recognised and rewarded for their good work.
Robert Kutin Jnr as the Central Regional Chairman of NPP, the party increased its seats from 7 to 16. No party has ever won an election in Ghana without winning the Central Region and that is the more reason why Robert Kutin Jnr should be the National Chairman because Central Region, a region the NPP needs to win the next election will feel comfortable with him. He is a workaholic. Kutin Jnr has charisma and this is essential to motivate and inspire our party foot soldiers most of whom are presently apathetic to the course of the party. His natural appeal to floating voters and non NPP voters could do the trick. Ghana want to see a strong united front amongst us so that we can offer them the vibrant, energetic and visionary leadership.

I, Nana Yaw Agyenim-Boateng- PhD, will stick my neck out for Robert Kutin Jnr as the next National Chairman.
I also implore NPP members to let our arguments be cogent and not destructive.
I urge the NPP’s Council of Elders, the National Executive Committee, Regional and Constituency branches, the party Parliamentary groups and all the caucuses as well as party faithful whose duty is to protect, nurture and defend the beliefs, ideology and visions of the great founding fathers of the to as a matter of great concern support my idea of making Robert Kutin Jnr our National Chairman to enhances NPP chances in 2024 elections.
May God bless our homeland Ghana and make it great and strong.
Long Live Ghana
Long Live Assin South
Long Live NPP


Nana Yaw Agyenim-Boateng, PhD
Convener- Assin South Youth for Development.
( From the corridors of Assin Bosomadwe #0542632763#)

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